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A criminal or DUI/OVI charge can change your life. When your freedom, your finances, and your reputation are on the line, having an aggressive and reputable attorney on your side is a must. Brock Schoenlein has a reputation amongst his clients for attaining exceptional results in minimum time. Click here to see online reviews from some of our clients. Brock Schoenlein Law Offices also offers payment plans on most types of representation. Contact us today for your free and confidential consultation.

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Criminal Defense

Focusing on criminal and DUI/OVI defense, Brock Schoenlein represents those charged with crimes in Courts throughout Ohio. It is important for those charged with crimes to work with a renowned attorney with a track record of success in the criminal courts.

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Brock is trained and certified in NHTSA field sobriety testing. His certifications are no different than those held by police. This is vital to your defense because Brock will recognize errors in the administration of field sobriety testing. Tests that are not administered in compliance cannot be used against you.

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Many States, including Ohio, have been cracking down on impaired driving. If you have been charged with DUI, working with an aggressive and experienced attorney is vital to defending all impaired driving charges. When charged, it is important for your lawyer to protect your license to drive, and to ensure that you obtain driving privileges as soon as possible.

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With years of experience, Brock Schoenlein understands Ohio Criminal Law inside and out.

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